PASMA Training

PASMA (PASMA Association of South Africa) is a not for profit company providing training in safety scaffolding for the construction industry. PASMA training offers to its members free access to the latest developments and products from the PASMA membership. Its mission is to promote quality training in safety scaffolding. This helps the construction industry to conduct quality work while operating scaffolds and to ensure that their workers are provided with the best possible training before ever being allowed on to scaffolds. PASMA is also involved in the supply and distribution of safety equipment and in the provision of insurance cover for those working on scaffolds.

Safety Aspects of Mobile Access Towers

PASMA Training is offered to new members free of charge, to show them how to correctly dismantle, assemble and manoeuvre mobile tower scaffolding towers. It also provides members with free access to all PASMA publications that relate to the uses of mobile tower scaffolding. Each week, PASMA hosts an informative seminar to give those attending a chance to learn about the latest developments in PASMA products and services. These seminars are attended by professionals from all over the construction industry who attend to share their knowledge on mobile tower dismantling and assembly. Free pamphlets and brochures are also distributed to the attendees, which highlight the many benefits of PASMA membership.

The PASMA seminar will start with a safety overview, including a brief history of mobile access towers and the importance of the PASMA standard training that is offered to members. After this, the seminar will move onto to the topics of mobile tower dismantling and assembly. Specialized equipment such as hammer drills will be used during this part of the seminar to demonstrate the basics of dismantling and assembling towers. Detailed information on PASMA standards will be provided as well as the different mobile tower parts that are required to be assembled before mobile access towers can be successfully put together.

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