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h2b visa

The Vanhack – h-2b visa nonimmigrant visa program allows employers to temporarily hire foreign professionals to come to the United States under the visa program and do not permit them to stay permanently. To qualify, the foreign worker must have a high school diploma or equivalent and at least one year of employment in a U.S. employer’s establishment. In addition, the foreign national must have an active citizenship of the country of citizenship, provided that he or she has not become a prohibited person in the United States due to crimes committed or facts listed under the Visa Waiver Program.


There are different types of visas available for the employees of a particular company including the green card, I-129 visa, parolee visa and theylema visa. The green card visa is granted for three years renewable every two years or for six years renewable depending on the provisions of the program. The I-129 visa permits the immigrant to work in the United States legally for a limited period of time, which can be from one year to five years. A parolee visa allows an immigrant who was arrested or served jail time for crime to apply for adjustment of status and can work in the United States again.


For workers coming from countries other than the one stated above, an H-2B Visa cannot be used as a way to gain entry to the United States. In cases of workers coming from Mexico and Canada, there are special programs established by the Department of State and the private sector, the USO, to offer non-immigrant employment opportunities to these workers. The Nonimmigrant Medical Hiring Program (NIMH) is one such program that provides temporary employment to eligible workers. The NIMH program offers temporary work for medical professionals who can prove through the NIMH application that they meet certain requirements of having a condition that would make them eligible to receive healthcare benefits from the United States government. Some of these conditions include having a BMI not greater than 40, a cyst on the ovary not larger than 3 centimeters, not receiving cancer treatment, and not performing unsafe sex.

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