Funeral Booklets For the Deceased

A funeral booklet, also known as a funeral booklet, funeral bulletin, funeral service book, funeral order of service or order of mass, is basically a pamphlet that guides attendees during a funeral or memorial ceremony. It contains the order of service and other important information pertaining to the funeral. Some funeral booklets contain a hymnal or song lyrics along with the order of services. In some cases, a funeral booklet – Bailey Sprint can be small and easy to carry around or it can be large enough to serve as an extended menu for those in attendance.

Funeral Booklet – Personalized Booklets For a Deceased Person

Some funeral booklet designs are done in full color, while others are done in sepia toned or black and white. The content may be written on one side of the booklet or the entire side may be full color or have a few pictures and text on each page. Most people prefer the funeral booklet to be printed on both sides because it allows them to flip through the pages and not miss anything important.

If you have an obituary, memorial service program or other type of printed document that will be distributed to family and friends following the funeral, consider printing it on the funeral booklet. This way, the information will be available to all who wish to see it. Also, since the obituary is printed on paper, it can be framed or placed on a decorative frame. Frames make great gifts for any person or couple.

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