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Tantra Educator Offers Healing Lessons From A Holistic Source SchoolTantra Educator Offers Healing Lessons From A Holistic Source School

As a tantra educator, I often hear from clients who are dissatisfied with the level of learning that they have received through traditional tantra courses. I always remind them that traditional tantra education is based on the study of tantra from an oral perspective – by an educated untrained sensualist (i.e. male). This was the original methodology followed by tantra sadhus and has remained the most reliable way to understand and learn tantra since its inception. In other words, we do not need a tantra teacher to tell us what tantra is.

The Secrets To Tantra Educator Offers Healing Lessons From A Holistic Source School

In other words, the teachings of Kripalu and Bali’s tantra master K.S. Sankar were transmitted orally through instructions and teachings passed on through energy work, meditation and chakras – all based on the study of the Universe as a whole. As a tantra educator, I emphasize that we do not need a male tantra teacher to teach us this wisdom. We can learn it from female tantra educators who also understand the holistic source of energy and how it impacts our physical, emotional and spiritual health. These women have studied and taught for 25 years in holistic source school tantra yoga studios all over the United States and Canada.

I encourage men and women to pursue their tantra yoga certification in order to deepen their understanding of the secrets of this ancient art of intimacy. For example, when students first receive instruction from a certified yoga instructor, they usually begin with a session that explores the role of gender roles in sexuality. After exploring this concept they then move into a further exploration of tantra energy and gender identity. In other words, our sexual identity is a product of our childhood experiences and our DNA structure, and learning about our inherent nature as female or male will enhance our overall experience of sexual intimacy.