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What to Look For in a Techwear Long CoatWhat to Look For in a Techwear Long Coat

When it comes to preparing for the elements, techwear jackets come in different shapes and sizes. While the military-themed outerwear often comes in heavy, puffy forms, today’s jackets are more flexible and durable. They are made from 100% Nylon and can be worn all season long. The materials used in techwear are designed to be durable and withstand the elements. Here are some examples of what to look for in a Techwear long coat.

The Best Techwear Jackets For the Outdoors

Parkas are classic winter wear designed to keep you warm and stylish. They’ve been popular for over 50 years and were also a favorite of cyberpunks in the ’90s. Known as “Urban camouflage” due to their design, parkas were very popular among cyberpunks. Modern techwear parkas are made of water-resistant materials and are lightweight yet durable. These jackets are designed for cold weather adventures.

Techwear is available in a variety of styles, from sporty to casual. Some techwear jackets have removable mid-layers to make them more versatile. Some jackets have a zip up the front, while others have a buttoned closure. For men, the most common techwear pieces include hoodies, down vests, and down coats. A good example of this is Uniqlo’s ultra-light down jacket.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, lightweight, yet incredibly functional techwear jacket, consider getting one of the many Transformer Jackets from Riot Division. It’s just over $100, and the pockets are easily interchangeable with many other styles of techwear. You can also check out Elhaus, an Indonesian brand that specializes in military clothing, and their Sheperd Jacket. The Sheperd features a big print on the back and graphical detailing. The angled pockets are perfect for stashing things inside, and it has an interesting design.